The Body of Knowledge is a serialized podcast featuring stories from the intersection of science and fitness. Each story is born in a conversation about quality of life and incubates until it can grow into actionable insight. The show is hosted by former comedian and lifelong human performance coach, Kenny Kane and Professor of Exercise Physiology at CSUF, Andy Galpin. The show is produced in volumes and chapters are released upon completion.  


In this second part of our discussion, Kenny wrestles with some serious questions about current marketing practices and social media.


We’re back, with some serious questions about current marketing practices and social media.


We conclude Volume II with some reflections on leadership. Kenny, Andy, and Josh lay out what leadership means to them and what they learned from each guest. 


In chapter 7 of volume II, we dive into the mental side of training with Oak Park Mental Skills Coach Jared Cohen. There’s a lot of discussion about mindset and mentality out there but few tools for measuring and improving these things with training. We describe some broader context and provide hands on examples for actually developing mental skills. 


In chapter 6 of volume II, we have the pleasure of discussing scientific thinking, sex education, and a slew of other topics with Dave Beck. Dave is a published author and science teacher who has been featured on the cover of the New York Times. 


In chapter 5 of volume II, we sit down with Gabe Rangel to talk about leadership in the military, professional sports, and life. Gabe explains the importance of environment and humility in developing people into better athletes and human beings. 


In chapter 4 of volume II, Co-Founder and Co-Host of Barbell Shrugged, Doug Larson joins us to talk about leadership in life and business. He goes into detail about his experience with being a fitness coach, entrepreneur, and father. 


In chapter 3 of volume II, we attempt to answer the question, why don’t you get what you want? From fitness goals to business solutions, people often fall short and don’t know why. We discuss the importance of focus, authenticity, and structure in helping people get what they want long term. 


In chapter 2 of volume II, Andy interviews Kenny and Josh about their relationship dynamics and how they change roles constantly. We get into the details of rebranding CrossFit LA as Oak Park and the importance of flexibility in leadership. 


In chapter 1 of volume II, Professor Lee Brown talks about sports science and mentorship. We discuss his research on power and velocity, overcoming cancer and the death of his son, and his role as a sherpa for hundreds of students and young scientists. 


After some time off, we’re back! The Body of Knowledge returns with Volume II: Sherpas. Kenny lays it all out in the Prologue and explains what to expect this time around. 

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